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We have strong research and development capabilities of thermal management system. So we have successfully launched a series of products in different fields. Such as chillers, Copper series and Stainless steel series heat exchangers, etc.

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Comparing to the traditional large size heat exchangers, small-diameter parallel flow heat exchangers shows great performance with its compact size and power heat dissipation capacity. OEM and ODM are welcomed if you don’t find what you need on our website.

The unique small diameter shunt temperature control performance can effectively reduce the dependence on the control system and algorithm, and reduce costs and increase efficiency for the majority of medical and aesthetic equipment manufacturers.
The small-diameter parallel flow heat exchanger solution developed can greatly reduce the consumption of copper and aluminum materials and the use of refrigerants, significantly improve the efficiency of the heat exchange system of large appliances, and greatly improve the space utilization rate.
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Large Appliance   Energy resource
The unique small diameter parallel flow heat exchanger can help greatly reduce the cost of refrigeration equipment and at the same time, the multi-tube parallel shunt structure has the advantages of flow adaptation, strong pressure resistance, and significantly improved service life.
The small-diameter heat exchanger developed can improve the overall heat exchange efficiency of the system, greatly reduce the volume of existing LNG vaporization, petroleum refining, and large-scale power generation equipment, improve energy utilization, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.
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